Family River Rafting in Colorado.
Family River Rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado.

Family river rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado

If you are a family seeking to experience the excitement of river rafting in Colorado this summer, look no further than River Runners. Our Buena Vista, Colorado rafting location on the Arkansas River offers two different rafting levels for young families: beginner and intermediate.

When deciding between a beginner and intermediate rafting trip, you should first choose the date you want to go rafting in Colorado. Flows on the Arkansas River fluctuate throughout the season and are generally higher in late May through the end of June. Young families should consider going rafting in July and August.

Second, you should determine the age and ability range of your group, as this can also help decide what type of river rafting trip is most appropriate for your family. Children who are 6 years old, 50 pounds, and know how to swim can go on an intermediate level whitewater trip. Families with younger or more timid children who are at least three years old and 35 pounds should consider a scenic float.

Beginner family white water rafting trips in Buena Vista, Colorado

You will encounter mild class I-II white water on your beginner family rafting trip with River Runners in Buena Vista, Colorado. These small rapids require easy maneuvering and have a relatively low percentage of consequences. What this trip lacks in white water – it more than makes up for with spectacular Colorado scenery and wildlife. A River Runners beginner family Colorado rafting trip is suitable for children as small as 35 pounds, making it a great rafting trip for adventurous families with young children. The minimum weight can fluctuate with water levels, so seek advice from River Runners prior to booking.

Intermediate family white water rafting trips in Buena Vista, Colorado

Browns Canyon is the most popular family white water rafting trip in Buena Vista, Colorado. Explore this spectacular Colorado river canyon and experience exciting class III-IV white water suitable for children as young as 6 years and at least 50 pounds – depending on water level. This intermediate family rafting trip is fun and challenging with exciting and splashy rapids. Each drop is followed by a calm pool – making swimming and rescue more manageable compared to advanced sections of the Arkansas River. Most family rafters enjoy paddling under guide instruction, but you can also choose to have one of our professional guides row you down the river while you relax and enjoy the scenery. Please designate whether you would like to paddle or have one of our staff row you down the river at the time of your booking.

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